Pot 'n' Parma Thursdays - With pot of beer or soft drink

TRADITIONAL >  napoli, bacon, cheese
OUTBACK > bbq, bacon, onion, cheese
IRISH > mash potato, bacon, cheese, gravy
SUPREME > napoli, bacon, capsicum, mushroom, onion, cheese
MEXICAN > tomato salsa, corn chips, avocado, capsicum, jalapenos, cheese, sour cream
MEAT LOVERS > bbq, bacon, bolognaise, chorizo. ham, salami, cheese
SPANISH > spicy napoli, chorizo, potato, capsicum, onion, corn, cheese
HAWAIIAN > napoli, ham, pineapple, cheese
AMERICAN > napoli, hot dog, bacon, onion, cheese, mustard
FUNGUY > bacon, spinach, wild mushrooms, onion, cheese, hollandaise

ENGLISH > mash potato, sausage, onion, cheese, gravy
EURO> napoli. salami, spinach, capsicum, onion, fetta, olives, cheese
FRENCH > Dijon mustard, spinach, semi dried tomato, brie, cheese
RUBEN > corn beef, sauerkraut, onion, pickle, mustard, cheese
SEAFOOD > spinach, onion, prawns, cheese, creamy garlic sauce
CHILLI > spicy napoli, hot salami, capsicum, jalapenos, onion, chilli flakes, cheese and hot sauce
BBQ CHICKEN > bbq, bacon, chicken, mushroom, onion, cheese
BOURBON > bourbon bbq, bacon, onion, cheese, onion rings

All Parmas served with a free pot, house wine, or soft drink!



Double up your parma for an extra $7.00


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  365 High St, Golden Square
   03 5444 3500

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